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    St. Francis Pledge Ministry  (St. Columba's Green Team), annually hosts the Earth Day Mass Festival to celebrate the Earth, encourage care for creation, and promote Earth Day Every Day. 

    We also coordinate yoga classes in partnership with Black to Yoga to encourage wellness within our St. Columba community and our neighborhood.  

    Donations made in support of the Earth Day event will allow us to provide:  food, live music, and environmenally - friendly activities for all participants to enjoy without utilizing church funds. 

    Donations made in support of yoga classes,  directly support instructor fees.  Our intentions are to build participation to the extent that all proceeds pay instructor fees and support our church.  We continue to find ways to build interest and attendance to monthly yoga classes scheduled thus far.  We look forward to growing to the point where we can host two classes per month.   We believe, regular yoga practice fosters health and wellness through movement, centering, and deep breathing. 


  • If you prefer to simply support our ministry, we would greatly appreciate it.  We have a variety of goals that with additional funding would allow us to accomplish more for our church and community.  

    Thank you for your consideration.  May God continue to richly bless you.

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