Meeting Agenda 6-26-16

  • Meeting Agenda 6-26-16

    Great meeting today.
    Wonderful leadership from Nnachi Sisters. Uzochi (facilitator), Nenechi (timer)
    Here are notes from today's meeting taken by Uchechi (recorder)

    Youth present: Chibuzo (Harrison), Uzochi, Nenechi, Solomon, Brian, Jessica, Chidimma
    Young Adult leaders: Uchechi, Helen
    Adults : Wes Muldrow, Marianela Carter

    July 9 Boomers 5-11pm (all present were interested), Need details for communication to be sent. Christopher (coordinator not present)

    July 16 Mountain Bike Trip Uzochi , Solomon, Nenechi, Uzochi interested

    July 23 Plank/ Bowling Conflict with date and Summer camp attendees

    July 30 Great America 10 am to 7pm? all present today were interested Solomon, Uzochi, Nenechi, Chibuzo, Chidimma, Jessica, Brian, Uchechi and maybe Helen

    July 31 Church in the park 10-4 no definite response

    August 13 Camping no response (Fr Aidan is interested in joining camp trip)

    August 20 Food Bank Service All present were interested 

    August 27 Fishing no response

    August 28 Pancake Breakfast all present will help

    Sept 17 Onfire  Uzochi, Nenechi, Solomon, Helen, Chidimma, Chibuzo, (Uchechi ?)

    Feb 23, 2017 LA Congress need additional details

    Next meeting July 10 Facilitator  Nenechi, 
                                        Timer        Solomon
                                        Recorder   Chidimma