Youth Ministry

  • High School Youth Ministry

    Mission of the youth ministry:
    To attract and inspire Youth in the St. Columba community to connect with each other spiritually and socially by participating in Youth activities and programs.  In addition, to support and be guided by the mission of St. Columba Church, “Through African-American traditions and Roman Catholic Christian principles, we are moved by the Spirit of God to serve through the Church of Oakland.”

    Youth Group activities are based on the concepts of Faith, Fun and Service.  The Youth Group provides an environment for the Youth of St. Columba to gather together in a fun, friendly and safe environment.  It allows them to learn, share and develop into active participants of the Church community.  The Youth Group also serves as a community building and faith sharing beginning to the Sacrament of Confirmation preparation process.

    Youth Group meets on the Second and Fourth Sundays of each month and participates in All Family Faith Days on the fourth Sunday of the month. Meetings occur at a time determined by Youth Director (12:30-2:30 pm). Activities and events are scheduled based on the availability of Youth and Adult Leadership.

    Youth are required to complete Safe Environment curriculum instruction. 
    Parent support and participation in Youth Group programs is strongly encouraged.  Parents are required to complete Diocese Safe Environment training.

    Youth activities are determined and selected by the group members. There have been recurring activities/events sponsored by Youth each year; refer to On going Activities for a Summary of Activities and Program Costs.

    Based on the demographics of our Church community, not all Youth are able to afford these activities; thus, our budget takes this need into consideration.  We operate under the premise of "...Leave no youth behind."

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